Stewart Attorneys
A law firm that is

Honest, Transparent
& Dedicated

to its clients

We embrace change and technology in our new approach to servicing our clients. This effortless experience sets us apart, call us today for a consultation.

We are a small practice that specialises in

Labour Law & Family Law

  • Our practice is modern and adapted to ensure that we cater for the 21st century clients’ needs.
  • Our client chooses the level of technology for communication.

  • If we need face to face meetings, we have a
    variety of office spaces available or we can meet at our clients offices.

  • Our Family Law practice has a heart.

  • We are creative market leaders with creative
    client solutions that adapt to support our clients’ business model.

  • Our practice is environmentally sensitive, and
    our digital platform eliminates paper use and the need for storage.

  • We remind our clients of the importance of
    updating their wills to ensure that their wishes are clear.

The Services we offer

“While skill, talent, and knowledge are necessary for producing good results, passion is the energy that fuels truly extraordinary performance in our practice”


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