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About Us

"Stewart Attorneys view their employees as intellectual capital and we invest in female employees who share their passion in their career, with the passion for their families. Through our technology-based practice, our ladies have the opportunity to work remotely which allows them flexibility without compensating service delivery."

Who Are We?

Our core value is to empower and protect our clients’ rights effortlessly and efficiently. We ensure that our clients needs are clear and communication is done in the manner that suits each client best. Our agreed fee structure and frequent invoicing, allows our clients’ full control and flexibility in their spend.

Stewart Attorneys is owned by Annette Stewart, the Director. She has been an admitted attorney to the High Court since 2002 and has 16 years experience in Labour Law and Family Law. She started practicing under her own name in 2015.


  • BA LAW University of Potechefstroom
  • Honn Psychology University of Potchefstroom
  • B Proc UNISA


  • Finalist in Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business 2016
  • Runner up in Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business 2017
  • Best Labour Practice in South Africa by the Middle East and African Markets 2017

Annette was my life saver! Literally an answer to prayer….

Her knowledge, wisdom, calmness and compassion is a life line to anyone who finds themselves in a legal battle.

The law is cold and factual and you need someone with the knowledge and the right attitude who cannot be manipulated to fight for you. She doesn’t build castles in the air but tells you the facts and takes up the fight on your behalf giving you the distance you need from the harshness of it all. Her continuous correspondence, feedback and availability is what makes her better than the rest. You can be sure your calls will be returned. I highly recommend Annette from Stewart Attorneys to anyone who needs more than just a lawyer, if you need the best, then I assure you, you can’t go wrong.

Olivea Watson

"I strive to ensure that I provide the advice and expertise my clients need to have peace of mind. I practice law because my heart is in my business." - Annette Stewart


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